Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tingly Toes?

Today Maddie was sick so I had to stay home. She's been coughing pretty good lately but this morning she woke up with a very low grade fever. Uggg. I think kids in preschool stay sick. I'm just thankful I have a job that's pretty forgiving about me having to call in because she's sick. I was going to take tomorrow off to spend a day with the hubby but that's now been scratched since I had to call in today and I really can't afford to take additional time off.

I had to do my run today on the treadmill. I don't know what to make of the treadmill lately. Back in the day.....I used to train 80% of the time on the treadmill, even doing my speed work on it. Now it seems to be the sword in my side. It seems whenever I run on it, about mile 2 my right foot starts cramping and now today my toes got all tingly, like ants were biting me or something. What the heck is up with that. Maybe it's time to hit the local running store and check out some new shoes. It's really strange though, my feet don't seem to bother me hardly any when I'm running outside, it's pretty limited to the treadmill. Good grief. I'll get this figured out one way or another.

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