Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Mother's Day

Today was absolutely gorgeous all around. I woke up. Ate a quick bit and some coffee and headed out with Casey for a leisurely 4 miler. After than cooked up some cinnamon rolls. Then it was on to decide what we were going to do for mother's day. Maddie decided she wanted to ride in the bike trailer and do some bike riding. So we did what Maddie's little heart desired. I packed a picnic lunch and Kirk loaded up the gear and we were off. We did a nice 5 miler on the Sante Fe trail from Palmer Lake Recreation Area and then got back for Maddie to get in some swing set time. After that, it was picnic time. Once we let our food digest, Maddie got to play some more and then he headed back towards home. We hit up Home Depot and then the grocery store to decide what we were going to make for dinner. After seeing the prices of meat, we settled on hamburger and hotdogs on the grill with a grilled sweet potato. totally yummy. It was such a nice and leisure day. Back to work tomorrow.

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